Posted by: cryptocarolyn | March 26, 2009

Hello world!

Welcome to Crypto Law!

In what ways are cryptozoologists and cryptids affected by legal issues?  This blog will look at some of the current and past issues that the field of cryptozoology faces, and the ways in which today’s laws and policies impact our field of study.

This may include: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Species Protection, Hunting & Trapping, International Law, Contract Law, Fraud & Theft, Copyright, Patent, and Trademarks, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law, Land Use Law, and more…

Perhaps you have a question or topic on your mind.  Did you encounter a legal issue while pursuing your crypto-hobby, investigation, research, or study? This is your place to ask, comment, vent, and discuss!


****This blog is NOT meant to be taken as legal advise.  Rather it is a place for legal and policy issues affecting the field of cryptozoology to be discussed, commented on, debated, and examined.  Please do not construe any post by an author, guest, or commentor as legal advice.



  1. This will be a great resource in an area that doesn’t seem to be covered much. Thanks for starting this! 😀

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