Posted by: Carolyn Fenzl | April 2, 2009

The Storsjö Monster: Protected, Then Not

There is a very interesting article about how the Swedish government approached the Scottish government for advice on how to protect Sweden’s Storsjö Lake Monster.  Wanting to create something similar to Scotland’s protection of the Loch Ness Monster, conversations between the governments, dubbed the Whitehall exchanges in the referenced article, took place in 1985.

“For Whitehall, protecting Nessie wasn’t such a monstrous idea,”

So why did dedication to protecting the creature waiver?

A 2005 animal rights newsletter discusses Sweden’s repeal of Storsjö Lake Monster protection – and suggests the decision leaves the cryptid open to hunting season.

The Swedish regional council, while not denying the creature’s existence, decided to require scientific proof in order for it to have a protected or “endangered” status.

“Hunting Season Opens on Lake Monster,”


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