Posted by: Carolyn Fenzl | May 15, 2009

Question about cryptids found on reservations

User “Nick” asks this wonderful and interesting question which I now pass on to the readers:

“One reoccuring concern that’s arisen with research I’ve been conducting pertains to jurisdiction with Native American reservations. The area I work on has a small reservation within a larger one. Suppose I find a specimen, who would have rights to it -the Tribe or the federal government since all Reservations are legally “trust” lands. Could an animal be regarded as “cultural” property for a recognized tribe?”

Does anyone have any information or discussion points to help answer “Nick’s” question?



  1. An excerpt from Fossil plants and spores: modern techniques by T. P. Jones, Nick P. Rowe (Published by Geological Society, 1999) states:

    “There are 300 separate Native American reservations, home to more than 500 individual tribes. Permits for collection on these lands must be obtained from area offices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Table 60.1) before or after consultation with the appropriate Native American Nation.”

    The Bureau of Indian Affairs can be visited online here:

  2. The tribe/reservation. The US government has no rights to tell what the Native Americans can do.
    You would need their permission and like said in first reply for legalities before even touch a found Bigfoot.

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