Who is CryptoCarolyn and what is this blog about?

“CryptoCarolyn” aka Carolyn Ettinger is founder of the Central Virginia Cryptozoology Club (www.thecryptozoologist.org/group).  She is a graduate of Vermont Law School and makes a living from freelance writing and petsitting.  She is an avid reader and researcher on Virginia cryptozoology and devotes alot of her spare time to providing educational opportunities to her club members.

Carolyn has created this blog partly as an excuse to research one of her own curiosities about this field.  Noticing that there does not appear to be too much discussion on the impact of laws on the study of cryptozoology, outside of the occassional national news sensation, she is pursuing this venture in the hopes of creating a community discussion about the collision of these fields.

People of any level of knowledge on either subject (law or cryptozoology), and from any legal system across the globe, are welcome to read, guest post, and comment here!

Thanks for taking a look!



  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Hello Carolyn, I just learned of your site from a friend and I’m happy to see someone is finally getting into the legality issues! One reoccuring concern that’s arisen with research I’ve been conducting pertains to jurisdiction with Native American reservations. The area I work on has a small reservation within a larger one. Suppose I find a specimen, who would have rights to it -the Tribe or the federal government since all Reservations are legally “trust” lands. Could an animal be regarded as “cultural” property for a recognized tribe?
    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the great questions Nick! I will post this to the group as a blog and see what others think. Hope you can find some answers.

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